December 2011:

Radar data - Synthetic Aperture Radar Images:

Global Climate Change - Κλιματικές αλλαγές:

Thermal Imaging / Απώλεια θερμότητας από κτίρια :


November 2011:

Dust storm over Cyprus / Φυσικές Καταστροφές - Καταιγίδα από σκόνη στην Κύπρο:

Εικόνα της Ημέρας - Η Κύπρος:


October 2011:

Pictometry intelligent Images:

Remote Sensing / Τηλεπισκόπιση:


September 2011:

Eye on Earth:

European Environmental Agency:

What is a "Green Economy":

Biogeography / Biodiversity :

"Green tips" that might help reduce environmental impacts with our daily actions:


August 2011:

Social media finds place in classroom:

Bob Dylan / Mark Knophler's European "gig" - Amazing GIS map representing tour's locations:


July 2011:

Creating and Sharing Maps Online:

Make a map:



June 2011:

Mapping an Arctic Adventure:

Assessing Damage with GIS:



Best lap-tops for students:

The mobile world:


April 2011:

Grateful Dead One Night Only:

Boston Conservation:

ArcGIS live maps :

ESRI live on-line training :

International Polar Year:


March 2011:

Super-Bowl Commercials 2011 :

Live Maps:

Hydrological Cycle:


California's Speed Rail cartogram:



February 2011:

Geographic Information System:

ESRI Info:

Eureka Shell :



View Maps in 3D:


Adonis & Alexis Sekkes Baptism: