December 2013:

One Page maps:

Transform the future:


National Geographic and the Common Core Supporting K-12 Educators with Common Core Resources:

The Geography and Literacy ConnectionHow can you use this powerful connection in your educational practice?



November 2013:

National Geographic EDUCATION:

Fenway Park :

A catalog of NASA's images and animations of planet earth:

Fall colors in Pennsylvania - satellite captured the annual transformation in this pair of images:



October 2013:

Τηλεπισκόπιση - Come Fly With the Newest Landsat:

Τηλεπισκόπιση - Remote Sensing:

Environmental Geography - Ocean's Carbon balance:

Earth Observatory:


September 2013:

A remote-controlled airplane:

Global Maps / Παγκόσμιοι Χάρτες:

NASA's CloudSat Satellite flew over Typhoon Utor:

Geographical Information Technologies Cartographic Study:

GIS will be the next step in Journalism. Interview with James Fallows, National Correspondant, The Atlantic:

The future of urban design:


August 2013:

Esri Education GIS Conference Saturday Plenary: Teaching and Learning with Data:

Geodesign for a Sustainable Europe:

The Harvard WorldMap Project:


July 2013:

The Harvard WorldMap Project:

Mapping the rise of a craft beer:



June 2013:


Girl walking with lions and cheetahs:  -

Building α Tram Network In Nicosia:

Cyprus natural gas strategy implemented as planned:


May 2013:

Οι μαθητές μας οδηγούν μέσω της τεχνολογίας στα προσκυνήματα της πατρίδας μας:

Agiou Ioannou Chrysostomou  High School. Department of Geography GIS Project 2012 - 2013:  Cyprus Churches and Monasteries

Geography and GIS:

Mapping for everyone:


April 2013:


March 2013:


February 2013:

George Sekkes presentation "Cyprus Churches" - February 1st 2013:

Super Bowl Ads 2013:


January 2013:

Highlights of Endeavour's fifth flight:

Earth's tilt the reason for the seasons: